The creche cares for 12 children aged 2-3 years. Children must be 2 years by August of the year they are attending. Children are provided with fruit and drinks. Shanganagh Park House Crèche is a happy, warm friendly environment for children.

Opening Times

9am-1.30pm Monday –Friday
Contact: Sharon Garton


Please note that all payments must be paid in full on a Monday. This amount is paid even if your child is absent.

Procedure for Non Payment of Fees
If the fees have not been paid for two weeks, we send a letter requesting payment. If not paid for three weeks, another letter requesting payment will be issued and we will recommend organising an arrangement to pay the arrears. After four weeks, another letter is sent this time explaining that the child’s place is at risk of being lost and given to the next child on our waiting list. A staff member could upon request of the parent, accompany the parent to see the manager and the manager and parent would then agree a payment schedule. If after three letters there is no payment or agreement made to pay, the childcare place will be withdrawn and a letter will be sent to the parent confirming this.
Note fees are subject to review


Children have two breaks every day.
Please give your child two small drinks of milk/juice along with two sandwichs/fruit as we encourage a healthy diet. Diet can have a huge effect on behaviour especially chocolate sugar and artificial colouring. therefore no sweets, crisps, nuts or fizzy drinks are allowed. Birthdays are an important occasion for children, all birthdays are celebrated with a party including party food.


Please send your child to crèche in play clothes. Children should not bring toys in from home as these inevitable get lost or broken, or can cause rows with other children.
If your child is to be collected by an alternative adult other than those on record, the play leader must be informed in advance.
Collect your child on time as lateness leads to stress and fear in a child and we are only insured for stated opening hours.
The child must be 2 years or over on 20th August of the year they are starting.
Nappies and wipes must be provided.
Children who show sign of illness must not attend crèche.


A child will be excluded from the crèche if they have the following symptoms or illnesses and may return after 48 hours of treatment.

The following illnesses and infections are of a week or more exclusion:
Impetigo – 1 week
Measles – 1 week after the appearance of the rash
Chicken Pox – 1 week and/or when all spots are dry and crusted
German Measles – 2 weeks after symptoms onset
Scabies – until cleared

Why Creche

Creche is a group of 2-3 year old children exploring, discovering and adjusting socially through a play environment under guidance of responsible adults who are aware of the needs of the holistic child.

Aims and Objectives

To provide a safe environment in which children are encouraged to play together. To highlight the importance of play in children’s development. To provide a high standard of quality childcare service. to provide an environment where the children learn through play and most importantly have FUN.

To enable the children to learn and develop the following:

  • Teamwork
  • Co-ordination skills
  • Waiting in turn
  • Language skills
  • Sharing with others
  • Social skills

 Activities in Creche

  • Sand Play
  • Music

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