Creche Room 3

The crèche cares for 12 children aged 2-3 years. Children must be 2 years by August of the year they are attending. Children are provided with fruit and drinks. Shanganagh Park House Crèche is a happy, warm friendly environment for children.
9am-1.30pm Monday –Friday
Contact: Sharon Garton

Garden Room Creche


Playschool Room 5

The playschool cares for 18 children aged 3-5 years. Children are provided with fruit, drinks and hot lunch.
9am-2.15 Monday – Friday
Contact:Sharon Breen

Playschool Room 6

Butterfly Playschool Ballybrack operates under Shanganagh Park House Childcare Service. Butterfly care for 18 children from 3-4 years ECCE scheme both Shanganagh and Butterfly offer this scheme.

9am – 2.15 Monday-Friday
Contact: Sharon O’Connor

Play Day Pre-School

Play Days operate ECCE free childcare scheme. The ECCE scheme hours are 3 hours a day for 38 weeks (school year)
9-1 Monday – Friday


As part of Shanganagh Park House Childcare Service, we off after school childcare to children attending Scoil Mhuire. Children are collected by childcare staff from school at 1.30 and 2.30 accompanied to Shanganagh Park House, children are collected at 5.30pm.

1.30 2.30-5.30 Monday Friday

Shanganagh Youth Project


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